Greetings Agents!

I 'm going to assume you are here because you're sick of dialing the phone and getting told off by angry seniors claiming to have never filled out any damn card or online form!


You have arrived at the understanding that a Closers time is best spent Closing!

Either Way Welcome!

My name is Greg Neff and I am the owner and operator of  I am a former life agent with a 25-year background in the call center industry.   Also and I say this with all humility, I am a master class appointment setter.

Brief History:

I previously provided a service matching agent’s with high caliber appointment setters, but the reality is finding appointment setting talent at my level that is professional and reliable is next to impossible and quite frankly a pain in the ass, as I am sure many of you already know, which is why I would guess you are here. 


I am a traveler, I have lived all over the world and I like to be able to work from any continent I choose.  So, I decided that rather than managing other setters, I would spend a few hours a day on the phone setting appointments personally for a very small group of agents.  I also train other setters and agents with phone skills as well as scripting when I am available.

 A message from owner & operator Greg Neff and his dog Bubba.


Listen To A Live Set
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This is a recording I did last year while I was making a live set.  Don't ever hire a setter or setting agency without insisting on hearing a recording of an actual set.  Most important, make sure its a recording from the actual person who will be working your leads and not someone hired to make the sample recording which unfortunately is a common deception. 

Watch One Minute
David Duford Testimonial

Take a minute to watch the testimonial David Duford did for me.  If you don’t know who David Duford is you should Google him.

Agent Testimonial

I am a veteran agent and had given up on finding a talented appointment setter that could do the job at or above my standards.  I tried many over the years and was always disappointed. Greg is top 1% talent, he has changed my insurance operation.




The Basics

Each week you send me your leads, I convert those leads into phone or field appointments.

I am not a lead vendor; however I talk to a lot of agents and can recommend current top vendors. 

I book 24 hours in advance.

I record every call.

I will post your appointments to a shared calendar.



I charge $25 per set appointment.

I bill one week in advance.

$100 one-time fee to set up your new account.


I only work with premium leads from legitimate lead vendors.  To protect against desperate agents sending low quality leads I charge $100 an hour minimum for my time or $25 per set whichever is greater.  


Serious Agents

As a professional I seek the same in my clients.  Agents serious about making money and looking to run a high volume of weekly appointments.

I seek serious producers that are in this business for the long haul.  Unprepared agents come and go so no refunds.  Most my clients are with me for the long term and openings are very rare.  If you are reading this than at this time I have at least one opening available.  These positions fill quickly and I do take  clients on a first come first serve basis as long as they meet minimum standards.



No Emails Please:  I had been getting inundated with emails full of questions from new agents seeking advice.  As much as I would like to help, I simply don’t have time to teach everyone.  Agents Inquiring about my availability for appointment setting may either text or call.




Greg Neff

Open Daily

T: 360-977-9979

10am-8pm (Pacific)

Olympia, Washington